A Multi-Wavelength View of the XMM-Newton Galactic Plane

Ada Nebot Gómez-Morán, Christian Motch


We present an X-ray survey of the Galactic Plane conducted by the Survey Science Centre of the XMM-Newton satellite. The survey contains more than 1300 X-ray detections at low and intermediate Galactic latitudes and covering 4 deg2 well spread in Galactic longitude. From a multi-wavelength analysis, using optical spectra and helped by optical and infrared photometry we identify and classify about a fourth of the sources. The observed surface density of soft X-ray (<2 keV) sources decreases with Galactic latitude and although compatible with model predictions at first glance, presents an excess of stars, likely due to giants in binary systems. In the hard band (>2 keV) the surface density of sources presents an excess with respect to the expected extragalactic contribution. This excess highly concentrates towards the direction of the Galactic Centre and is compatible with previous results from Chandra observations around the Galactic Centre. The nature of these sources is still unknown.


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