Output Current Control System of a High Voltage Electric Pulse Generator for Plasma Excitation


  • D. V. Godun
  • S. V. Bordusau
  • G. P. Budzko




output current, control, electric pulses, plasma load


A control and pulse discharge current limiting system integrated into an AC/DC converter and pulse modulator of a high voltage pulse generator have been developed. The peculiarity of such system\textquotesingle s operation is the stabilization of the power supplied to the discharge and the correction of the width of output electric pulses towards decrease upon reaching the specified pulsed current amplitude value. The system enables the pulse generator to work in the modes close to the ``short circuited load'' mode. In this case the driving module of a composite IGBT key performs the correction of the working pulse width and blocks the pulse generator operation if needed. The suggested circuit design solutions allow using the generator in a wide range of electric plasma-forming parameters' modes and working with various types of vacuum gas discharge systems.


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