Impact of Stark Shifts on the Radiation Cooling of Cu-Dominated Plasmas


  • P. Corfdir ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • G. Lantz ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • M. Abplanalp ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • T. Delachaux ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • F. Kassubek ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • P. Sütterlin ABB Switzerland Ltd
  • M. Bator ABB Switzerland Ltd



Cu plasmas, Stark effect, radiation cooling, radiative transfer equation, spectroscopy


We study the impact of Stark line shifts reported recently for Cu I transitions on the radiative cooling of Cu-dominated plasmas. The observed detuning in absorption between the hot core and cold shell of the arc leads to a reduction in radiation reabsorption compared to the case where Stark line shifts are neglected. Using a modeling based on a phenomenological treatment of the Stark line shift, we show that this reduction is below 2%.


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