3D CFD Arc Fault Simulation in Gas-Insulated Switchgears


  • F. Reichert Siemens AG, Germany
  • A. Petchanka Siemens AG, Germany




gas-insulated switchgear, internal arc, CFD arc fault simulation, modelling, validation


Arc fault processes can lead to strong damages in gas-insulated switchgears and have to be considered in the development process. In order to reduce test costs, the development of overpressure protection systems can be supported by CFD arc fault simulations. The paper deals with the modelling and simulation of arc fault processes in gas--insulated switchgears. The developed simulation tool takes into account a three-dimensional arc model and the opening of a rupture disc during the arc fault process. The influence of different insulating media as e.g. SF6, Air and CO2 on the arc fault process has been investigated. The simulation model has been validated by measured signals for pressure build-up and arc voltage.


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