3D Analysis of Low-Voltage Gas-Filled DC Switch Using Simplified Arc Model


  • S. Gortschakow Leibniz institute for plasma science and technology
  • D. Gonzalez Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology
  • S. Yu TDK Electronics AG
  • F. Werner TDK Electronics AG




black-box model, Lorentz force, arc dynamics, 3D simulations


Electro-magnetic simulations have been used for the visualization of distribution of Lorentz force acting on a DC switching arc in low-voltage contactor. A simplified plasma model (black-box model) was applied for the description of arc conductivity. Arc geometry was gained from the high-speed camera images. Influence of arc position, arc current and of external magnetic field has been studied. Results have been compared with optical observations of the arc dynamics.


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