Investigation of the Arc Characteristics of Switching DC Arcs on Hydrogen Containing Gas Mixtures


  • D. Gonzalez Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology
  • S. Gortschakow Leinibz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology
  • S. Yu TDK Electronics AG, A TDK Group Company
  • F. Werner TDK Electronics AG, A TDK Group Company



arc behaviour, external magnetic fields, gas filled contactors, hydrogen, overpressure


The characteristics of switching DC current arcs in  hydrogen  containing gas mixtures under pressure were investigated using a model chamber. The switching device consists of an electro-mechanic double breaker unit with copper contacts. High-speed imaging and spectroscopy were used to observe and to characterize the switching arc. The experiments indicate how the dynamic interaction of an external magnetic field with a high-pressure discharge causes an elongation and twisting of the arc-channel and consequently a voltage increase. Comparative measurements with and without external magnetic field indicate a strong influence of this factor. Cu and N lines together with strongly broadened H lines were observed.


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