Numerical Investigation, Including Experimental Validation, of an Axially Blown, Stable Arc in Argon


  • B. Galletti ABB Switzerland Ltd. - Corporate Research
  • F. Kassubek ABB Switzerland Ltd. - Corporate Research
  • M. Buffoni ABB Switzerland Ltd. - Corporate Research
  • J. Carstensen ABB Switzerland Ltd. - Corporate Research
  • P. C. Stoller ABB Switzerland Ltd.



high-voltage circuit breaker, radiation, optical diagnostics, arc simulation, validation


In this work we present the outcome of a numerical validation study conducted with an arc model developed within a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool. The numerical investigations were aimed at reproducing the spatially resolved temperature data obtained with an experiment in which an axially symmetric argon arc was established in the observation region. The full absorption spectrum has been computed for argon and then compressed with minimum loss of information to a relatively small set of bands. The latter has been used for solving the radiative transfer equation in a computationally affordable, yet accurate way. The comparison between the arc temperature simulated with the reduced absorption data and the measured one is presented.


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