Experimental Assessment of PTFE Post-Arc Ablation


  • Y. Babou ABB Switzerland LTD., Corporate Research
  • P. Corfdir ABB Switzerland LTD., Corporate Research
  • R.-P. Suetterlin ABB Switzerland LTD., Corporate Research




post arc ablation, pyrometry, shadowgraphy


The study addresses the post arc ablation (PAA) of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material after being stressed by high current arcs. Arcs were generated in ambient air applying AC or DC current profiles to reach energy input in the range 7-22 kJ. The characterization has been performed essentially based on standard optical measurement techniques. The shadowgraph technique enabled us to show that the PAA flow is composed by a significant amount of carbonaceous soots lasting for several dozens of milliseconds after current interruption. The pyrometry technique allowed to estimate the soots temperature in the range 1400-2200 K.


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