Rotating Gliding Arc: Innovative Source for VOC Remediation

J. Čech, L. Prokeš, M. Zemánek, L. Dostál, D. Šimek, J. Valenta, R. Žebrák, L. Zápotocký, P. Sťahel


The large-scale plasma treatment of waste gas in industrial or municipal conditions requires high efficiency of plasma conversion process at high processing speed, i.e., large volumetric flow. The integration of the plasma unit into existing systems puts demands on the pipe-system compatibility and minimal pressure drop due to adoption of plasma processing step. These conditions are met at the innovative rotating electrode gliding arc plasma unit described in this article. The system consists of propeller-shaped high voltage electrode inside grounded metallic tube. The design of HV electrode eliminates the pressure drop inside the air system, contrary the plasma unit itself is capable of driving the waste gas at volumetric flow up to 300 m3/hr for 20 cm pipe diameter. In the article the first results on pilot study of waste air treatment will be given for selected volatile organic compounds together with basic characteristic of the plasma unit used.


gliding arc; rotating electrode; waste gas; VOC decomposition; plasma diagnostics


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