Switching Behaviour of a Series Connection of a Vacuum Interrupter and a Gas Circuit Breaker


  • N. Götte Institute for High Voltage Technology - RWTH Aachen
  • M. Bendig Institute for High Voltage Technology - RWTH Aachen
  • T. Krampert Institute for High Voltage Technology - RWTH Aachen
  • P. G. Nikolic Siemens AG




vacuum circuit breaker, gas circuit breaker, hybrid circuit breaker, post-arc current, recovery voltage


After being in the focus of sciences' and industry's research and development activities for many years, the investigation of possible SF6 gas-alternatives has been even more intensified after the revision of the European F-Gas regulation 517/2014. As natural gases yield a significantly lower dielectric strength in comparison to SF6, new challenges arise for the design of high voltage switchgear. Vacuum interrupters are environmentally friendly, reliable and able to withstand steep rising transient recovery voltages. In the last years, first installations of switchgear based on vacuum switching technology in sub-transmission level are in operation. One option for the realization of a SF6 free high voltage switchgear for transmission level is the combination of a gas circuit breaker filled with an atmospheric gas with a vacuum interrupter in a hybrid switchgear. In this contribution the voltage distribution and switching behavior of a hybrid circuit breaker is experimentally investigated.


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