Axial Blast Type Discharge Chamber with Moving Electrode


  • M. E. Pinchuk Institute for Electrophysics and Electrical Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • A. V. Budin Institute for Electrophysics and Electrical Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • N. K. Kurakina Institute for Electrophysics and Electrical Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • A. G. Leks Institute for Electrophysics and Electrical Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences



high-current high-pressure arc, high-current circuit breaker


The paper presents some results concerning electrophysical and gas-dynamics parameters of high-curent arc in axial blast discharge chamber. The experimental stand and numerical model were modified for axial gas flow type. Some design changes are described in the paper. The experiments were carried out for gas pressures of 1.0-6.0 MPa with current amplitude of 25-150 kA. The current half-period was of 1.0-10.0 ms. The contacts moved apart to the distance of 3-4 cm due to gas pressure boost in the chamber. OpenFOAM package with the library swak4foam was used for numerical simulation.

Author Biography

M. E. Pinchuk, Institute for Electrophysics and Electrical Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences

accompanying person Marina Pinchuk


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