Hybrid Plasma-Catalytic Reforming of Ethanol into Synthesis Gas: Experiment and Modeling

O. A. Nedybaliuk, I. Fedirchyk, V. Chernyak, T. Tereshchenko, O. Tsymbaliuk, V. Demchina, M. Bogaenko, V. Popkov


Understanding of the plasma-assisted reforming of hydrocarbons requires a combined application of the experimental studies of reforming systems and the kinetics modeling of reforming processes. Experiments were conducted on a system with a wide-aperture rotating gliding discharge with atmospheric air used as a plasma gas. Reforming parameters essential for the kinetics modelling of the reforming process were obtained. The influence of water addition method on the product composition of plasma-catalytic ethanol reforming was investigated.


plasma-catalytic reforming; ethanol; synthesis gas; oxidative steam reforming


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