Modeling of Perfluorocarbons Decomposition in Nitrogen Thermal Plasma


  • S. W. Chau Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., 10617 Taipei
  • S. H. Chen Physics Division, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, 1000 Wenhua Rd., Longtan, 32546 Taoyuan



perfluorocarbons decomposition, nitrogen, thermal plasma, direct-current, plasma torch


This paper develops an axisymmetric flow model to predict the flow field inside a directcurrent plasma torch reactor, where the magneto-hydrodynamic equations, including the continuity, momentum, energy and current continuity equations as well as turbulence transport equations are solved with a finite volume discretization in a segregated manner. The thermodynamic and transport coefficients of thermal plasma are obtained from the condition of local thermal equilibrium, whereas a kinetics model is employed to consider the production and destruction of species due to the chemical reactions in a decomposition process. Species transport phenomena arising in the decomposition process are described by the transport equations for different species. The perfluorocarbons decomposition characteristics in a well-type, non-transferred nitrogen torch reactor are analyzed by the proposed numerical model to disclose the influence of working parameters on the decomposition efficiency.


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