Modelling of Radiative Transfer in Air Arc Plasma

M. Bartlova, P. Kloc, N. Bogatyreva, V. Aubrecht, J. Pokorny


The objective of this work is to compare the accuracy of several approximate models of radiative properties for the prediction of radiative transfer in air arc plasma at the temperatures in the range of 300 - 25 000 K and the pressure of 0.1 MPa. Calculated absorption coefficients are used to generate the parameters of different models. The radiative transfer inside the cylindrically symmetrical air plasma with prescribed temperature profile was studied. The equation of radiative transfer was solved using the P1 and SP3 approximations, calculated radiative source term in the energy equation (net emission) was compared with results obtained by spectral integration.


radiative transfer; P1 approximation; SP3 approximation; mean absorption coefficients.


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