Investigation of the Arc-Anode Attachment Area by Utilizing a High-Speed Camera


  • P. Ondac Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8 Department of Surface and Plasma Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, V Holesovickach 2, 180 00 Prague 8
  • A. Maslani Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8
  • M. Hrabovsky Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8



plasma, arc, anode, attachment, camera, waveGrant Agency of the Czech Republic under the project GA15-19444S


The arc-anode attachment in the DC plasma arc influences power distribution in the plasma, a lifespan of anode and flow structure of plasma jet. A movement of the attachment and the surrounding plasma was directly observed by using a high-speed camera (max. 1,080,000 fps). The observations were compared with cathode-anode voltage measurements (sample rate 80 MHz). We have directly measured the average velocity of the attachments and hydrodynamic waves above them, as well as the characteristic dwell times and dwell frequencies of the attachments.


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