Diagnostics of Plasma Jet Generated in Water/Argon DC Arc Torch


  • O. Hurba Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i., Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Prague
  • M. Hlína Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i., Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8
  • M. Hrabovský Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i., Za Slovankou 1782/3, 182 00 Prague 8




thermal plasma jet, electric probes, schlieren photography, enthalpy probe


Thermal plasma jet generated by the torch with water/argon stabilized arc was investigated. Plasma torches of this type have been used for plasma spraying, waste treatment and gasification of organic materials. Electric probes, enthalpy probe, and schlieren photography were used for diagnostics of the jet in the region downstream of the torch exit. Information about structure and shape of plasma jet was evaluated from the measured data. Large extent of radial plasma spread and high level of turbulence were found from both the schlieren and the probe diagnostics. Plasma temperature corresponding to measured ion saturation currents was determined using calculated composition of plasma assuming ex-istence of local thermodynamic equilibrium.


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