Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Microdischarge Plasma in the Vortex Gas Flow

V. Chernyak, O. Kolomiiets, O. Prysiazhna, O. Tsimbalyuk, V. Iukhymenko, B. Portnyak, O. Fentisova, D. Nikulin


Experimental studies of the electrical parameters of the microdischarge and the plasma of the microdischarge in the vortex flow of CO2 as the plasma-forming gas was carried out. The kinetics of the formation of some components of microwave plasma was considered using ZDPlasKin computer code and Bolsig+ at experimentally measured electric field strengths, pressure and gas temperature. The key reactions of microdischarge were determined. The Bolsig+ code was used to determine the mean energy of electrons.


atmospheric pressure plasma; CO2; microdischarge; plasma jet; plasma-chemistry


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