Experimental Studies of Arc Motion Between Two Parallel Runners with Splitter Plates

J. Lu, J.-J. Gonzalez, P. Freton, M. Benmouffok, P. Fort, P. Joyeux, G. Déplaude


In this paper, we present an experimental study in a simplified arc chamber geometry of Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker (LVCB). The influence of vent aperture on arc motion and the influence of splitter plates on arc voltage drop and arc motion are studied. The arc chamber is composed by two parallel arc runners and following the configuration chosen by one or two splitter plates. The experimental setup is completed by a generator (capacitor bench with triggered switch), a high-speed camera and electrical measurements. The arc ignition, arc displacement, arc splitting and arc re-strike have been observed. The results will be described and discussed for different experimental configurations.


LVCB; splitter plate; arc motion; arc voltage


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