Application of Plasma Nitriding in Medical Implants Post-Processing


  • I.O. Misiruk
  • O.I. Timoshenko
  • V.S. Taran
  • I.E. Garkusha


medical implant, nitriding, non-self-maintained discharge, nitrided layer


The features of titanium implants nitriding in the dense stream of nitrogen ions generated in non-selfmaintained
gaseous discharge with a hollow anode are investigated. We have determined that nitriding
process in such type of discharge is much more intense than in the non-self-maintained discharge with a
planar anode wherein there is no dense flux of ions. It has been found also that the rate of nitriding of
surfaces oriented tangentially to the flux of ions exceeds the rate of nitriding of surfaces oriented perpendicular
to the flux.

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