Effects of Magnetic System Unbalance on Magnetron Sputtering Characteristics


  • D. A. Golosov
  • S.N. Melnikov
  • S.М. Zavadski


magnetron sputtering, deposition rate, substrate’s ion current, ion-to-atom ratio


Deposition rate and ion current density distribution profiles at DC magnetron sputtering of Al, Ti and Cu
targets were studied as functions of the process parameters and level of magnetron unbalance. Based on
the experimental data the distributions of the ion-to-atom ratio on the condensing surface under various
deposition modes were calculated. It was established that in the case of DC magnetron sputtering the ionto-
atom ratio on the condensing surface increased if the sputtering yield of the target’s material dropped
down. The minimal energy impact on the growing film and the most uniform distribution profile of the
ion-to-atom ratio were achieved by applying the I-type unbalanced magnetron system.


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