Arc Simulation in Low Voltage Switching Devices, a Case Study


  • R. Bianchetti
  • A. Adami
  • L. Fagiano
  • R. Gati
  • L. Hofstetter


Arc, simulation, multiphysics, air switching


Arc simulations are becoming a valuable tool in the development of low voltage switching devices. Sim-ulations reveal physical quantities that are experimentally not accessible and help in the investigation of the underlying phenomena. However, the strong interaction between different processes and the intrinsic multi-scale nature of the problem, both in time and space, pose great challenges to accurate and efficient simulations. At ABB Corporate Research, we developed a simulation tool capable of simulating the be-havior of low voltage switchgear. To verify the accuracy and predictive capability of our platform, we validate the simulations by comparing their results with available experimental findings. After describing the tool, we provide here evidence of the good agreement between measured and simulated data on several commercial ABB devices.


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