Optical and Tribological Properties of PVD/CVD Diamond-like Carbon Films


  • D. A. Golosov
  • S. N. Melnikov
  • S. M. Zavadski
  • M. V. Ermolenko


diamond-like carbon, magnetron sputtering, methane dissociation, refractive index, friction coefficient, microhardness


The optical and tribological properties of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films deposited by the combination of magnetron sputtering of graphite and plasmochemical dissociation of methane were studied. It was established that at methane concentration in the gas mixture Ar/CH4 at about 5–10 % the formation of DLC films with refraction index n  2.0, microhardness larger than 1000 HK and friction coefficient of 0.06–0.08 becomes possible.


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