Phenomena in Complex (Dusty) Plasma Studied under Microgravity Conditions


  • V. I. Molotkov
  • A. M. Lipaev
  • D. I. Zhukhovitskii
  • V. N. Naumkin
  • H. M. Thomas
  • S. A. Khrapak
  • P. Huber


complex plasma, plasma crystals, solid-liquid transitions, microgravity


Complex (dusty) plasmas are composed of weakly ionized gas and charged microparticles and represent the plasma state of soft matter. The investigations which are not available on ground have been per-formed onboard the International Space Station (ISS) with the help of the “Plasma Crystal-3 Plus” (PK-3 Plus) laboratory. A number of interesting phenomena has been observed. The phase transition from iso-tropic plasma into electrorheological plasma was initiated. The crystal-liquid phase transition was ob-tained in large 3D isotropic dusty plasma. The slow compression of the dust particle subsystem has been investigated.


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