Multiphysical Simulation of Impulse Current Arcs in Spark Gaps for Industrial Applications


  • O. Schneider DEHN SE, Hans-Dehn-Strasse 1, 92318 Neumarkt, Germany
  • D. Gonzalez Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, Felix-Hausdorff-Strasse 2, 17489 Greifswald, Germany
  • A. Ehrhardt DEHN SE, Hans-Dehn-Strasse 1, 92318 Neumarkt, Germany



arc simulation, spark gap, impulse current, surge protection device, radiation heat transfer, magnetohydrodynamics


Digital prototyping enables cost-effective production and modular optimization of surge protection devices (SPD). Numerical model of SPD prototypes involves complex multiphysics phenomena. However, the processes related to impulse current arcs in spark gaps are not well understood so far. Limited knowledge exists regarding hydrodynamic effects, plasma states, and radiation properties. This work studies an impulse current 8/20 µs with an amplitude of about 5 kA in experiment and simulation.


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