Anisotropy and Inhomogeneity in Extrudates of Aluminium Alloys

K. Macek, V. Očenášek, V. Sedláček


Anisotropy and inhomogeneity of mechanical properties and texture of microstructure originating in hot extrusion process depend not only on the type of the alloy, state of the billet and extrusion parameters, but also on the shape and size of extrudates. Tensile properties in longitudinal and transversal directions of model extrudates having simple cross-sections have been tested on four types of aluminium alloys. Values of ultimate strength and yield stress in longitudinal direction are higher up to 100 MPa as compared to those in transversal direction, whereas differences in elongation are small. Pronounced anisotropy and inhomogeneity of mechanical properties have been detected in cross-sections of the model extrudates. Quantitative metallography was used for determination of subgrain size, specific number of intermetallic phases, volume fraction of recrystallized grains and for assessment of metallographic texture. Certain implications for the die design based on obtained results are finaly presented.


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