Thermal Forming of Glass — Experiment vs. Simulation

L. Švéda, M. Landováa, M. Míka, L. Pína, R. Havlíková, V. Maršíková


Thermal forming is a technique for forming glass foils precisely into a desired shape. It is widely used in the automotive industry. It can also be used for shaping X-ray mirror substrates for space missions, as in our case. This paper presents the initial results of methods used for automatic data processing of in-situ measurements of the thermal shaping process and a comparison of measured and simulatated values. It also briefly describes improvements of the overall experimental setup currently being made in order to obtain better and more precise results.


X-ray mirrors; Comsol Multiphysics; simulations; thermal forming; gravity forming; in-situ measurements; data processing.

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