A Study of Parameters Setting of the STADZT

Václav Turoň


This paper deals with the new time-frequency Short-Time Approximated Discrete Zolotarev Transform (STADZT), which is based on symmetrical Zolotarev polynomials. Due to the special properties of these polynomials, STADZT can be used for spectral analysis of stationary and non-stationary signals with the better time and frequency resolution than the widely used Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT). This paper describes the parameters of STADZT that have the main influence on its properties and behaviour. The selected parameters include the shape and length of the segmentation window, and the segmentation overlap. Because STADZT is very similar to STFT, the paper includes a comparison of the spectral analysis of a non-stationary signal created by STADZT and by STFT with various settings of the parameters.


spectral analysis; Zolotarev transform; Fourier transform; spectrogram

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