The Electrification of Tramways in Ostrava in 1900–1901

Michaela Závodná


This paper focuses on the electrification of tramways in Ostrava in 1900-1901. As the administrative, economic and cultural centre of an evolving industrial agglomeration, Ostrava had specific transportation requirements. Tram electrification was in response to these requirements. Two private companies, Brünner Lokaleisenbahngesellschaft and Ganz & Comp., (Mährisch-Ostrauer Elektrizitäts-Aktien-Gesellschaft) negotiated an agreement. The first part of this paper deals with technical aspects of electrification the change-over from steam power to electric power, while the second section analysesthe dealings between these private companies, subsequent municipalization and the involvement of the municipal self-government of Moravská Ostrava.


history of technology; tramway; electrification; municipalization; Ostrava

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