A Micromechanics-Based Model for Stiffness and Strength Estimation of Cocciopesto Mortars

Václav Nežerka, Jan Zeman


The purpose of this paper is to propose an inexpensive micromechanics-based scheme for stiffness homogenization and strength estimation of mortars containing crushed bricks, known as cocciopesto. The model utilizes the Mori-Tanaka method for determining the effective stiffness, combined with estimates of quadratic invariants of the deviatoric stresses inside phases to predict the compressive strength. Special attention is paid to the representation of the C-S-H gel layer around bricks and the interfacial transition zone around sand aggregates, which renders the predictions sensitive to particlesizes. Several parametric studies are performed to demonstrate that the method correctly reproduces the data and trends reported in the available literature. Moreover, the model is based exclusively on parameters with a clear physical or geometrical meaning, and as such it provides a convenient framework for its further experimental validation.


micromechanics; homogenization; strength estimation; cocciopesto; C-S-H gel coating; interfacial transition zone

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