Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge in Nitrogen: Microdischarges Statistical Behavior

Jan Cech, Jana Hanusova, Pavel Stahel, Pavel Slavicek


We studied statistical behavior of microdischarges of diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge (DCSBD) operated in nitrogen atmosphere at two input voltage regimes. We measured spectrally unresolved discharge patterns together with discharge electrical parameters using highspeed iCCD camera and digital storage oscilloscope. External synchronization enabled us to measure the discharge pattern during positive and/or negative half-period of input high voltage in the single-shotmode of operation. The comparison of microdischarges behavior during positive, negative and both half periods of input high voltage was performed for two levels of input voltage, i.e. voltage slightly above ignition voltage and high above ignition voltage (“overvoltage”). The number of microchannels crossing discharge gap was counted and compared with number of microdischarge current peaks observed during corresponding half-period of input high voltage. The relations of those incidences was shown and discussed.


DCSBD; diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge; microdischarges; time resolved imaging; iCCD.

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