Local Magnetohydrodynamic Characteristics of the Plasma Stream generated by MPC

Tatyana N. Cherednychenko, Igor E. Garkusha, Vladimir V. Chebotarev, Dmytro G. Solyakov, Yuriy V. Petrov, Maryna S. Ladygina, Dmytro V. Eliseev, Alexander A. Chuvilo


This paper investigates the spatial distributions of electrical current which flows inside the plasma stream generated by a magnetoplasma compressor (MPC). Two different modes of MPC operation with different gas supply scenarios have been applied in the experiments presented here. The first is the operation mode with a pulse injection of xenon into the interelectrode space, and the second is the operation mode with residual helium in the chamber and local injection of xenon directly into the compression zone. The maximum value of the electric current observed outside the MPC channel is 15 ÷ 20% of the total discharge current. Electric current vortices were discovered in the plasma stream. The amplitude of the current in the vortices reaches 50% of the total discharge current. The maximum EUV radiation power was measured in the mode of MPC operation with local xenon injection. Power in the wave range 12.2 ÷ 15.8 nm achieves up to 16 ÷ 18 kW.


magnetoplasma compressor; toroidal current vortices; plasma discharge.

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