The Construction of the Fast Resistive Bolometer for a SXR Measurement on the GIT-12 Facility

Jakub Cikhardt, Daniel Klír, Pavel Kubeš, Josef Kravárik, Karel Rezác, Ondrej Šíla, Alexander V. Shishlov, Alexey Yu. Labetsky


A lot of kinds of instruments are used for the SXR measurement at pulsed power facilities, but most of them are difficult to calibrate absolutely. For the determination of the energy of SXR radiated by the discharge on Z-pinches, it is possible to use the bolometer which can be calibrated analytically. The bolometer can be constructed with the sufficient sensitivity and, at the same time, with the time resolution in the order of nanoseconds. This bolometer was designed and constructed for the measurement on the 5MA facility GIT-12 at the Institute of High Current Electronics (IHCE) of the Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences in Tomsk. The experiments on GIT-12 with the neon and deuterium gas-puff load were diagnosed by the copper bolometer with the time resolution of 4 ns and the sensitivity of 12 V cm2 J-1.


bolometers; X-rays; Z-pinches; plasma diagnostics.

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