Estimation of Amount of Scattered Neutrons at Devices PFZ and GIT-12 by MCNP Simulations

Ondrej Šíla, Pavel Kubeš, Josef Kravárik, Karel Rezác, Daniel Klír, Jakub Cikhardt


Our work is dedicated to pinch effect occurring during current discharge in deuterium plasma, and our results are connected with two devices – plasma focus PFZ, situated in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU, Prague, and Z-pinch GIT-12, which is situated in the Institute of High Current Electronics, Tomsk. During fusion reactions that proceed in plasma during discharge, neutrons are produced. We use neutrons as instrument for plasma diagnostics. Despite of the advantage that neutrons do not interact with electric and magnetic fields inside device, they are inevitably scattered by materials that are placed between their source and probe, and information about plasma from which they come from is distorted. For estimation of rate of neutron scattering we use MCNP code.


plasma focus; pinch effect; D-D reaction; MCNP.

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