Ignition Features of Plasma-Beam Discharge in Gas-Discharge Electron Gun Operation

Valery A. Tutyk, Anatoliy N. Ovcharuk, Michail I. Gasik, Dmitriy V. Maslenikov


The current paper presents the results of experimental researches to determine the mode features of plasma-beam discharge (PBD) generation by an electron beam injected by a low-vacuum gasdischarge electron gun (LGEG) with the cold cathode and hollow anode on the basis of the high-voltage glow discharge and in the range of helium pressure of P ? 10 ÷ 130 Pa. The PBD boundaries and their dependences on parameters of an electron beam are found. The influence of PBD on parameters of low-vacuum gas-discharge electron gun is revealed. It causes an avalanche increase of electron beam current and burning of plasma-beam discharge in the whole space of the vacuum chamber volume and generation of electromagnetic radiation is revealed. Achieved results will be used for implementation of various vacuum technologies in the medium of reaction gas and generated electromagnetic radiation.


plasma-beam discharge; vacuum; electron beam; electron gun; electromagnetic radiation.

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