A Study of Coherent Radiation Generated in an Ablative Capillary Discharge

Jakub Hübner, Pavel Vrba


Feasible soft-X-ray amplification in the CVI and NVII Balmer transition is investigated in a capillary discharge. The best conditions and parameters for the experimental set-up are found for an ablative capillary. The most optimistic results have shown that the gain would be greater than one, which is the condition for successful ASE (Amplified spontaneous emission) in capillary discharges. The capillary discharge evolution is modeled using the NPINCH program, employing a one-dimensional physical model based on MHD equations. The information about the capillary discharge evolution is processed in the FLY, FLYPAPER, FLYSPEC programs, enabling the population to be modeled on specific levels during capillary discharge.


capillary discharge; XUV or soft X-ray laser; plasma modeling; ablation.

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