Michal Skalický


Drinking water has always been, is and will be a strategic raw material. Stopping corrosion or at least minimisation of its impact while keeping quality drinking water supplies is a big challenge for the future. That is why the corrosion monitoring in the drinking water pipe system is one of the essentials for dealing with the issue. Areas of South Bohemia that were fitted with corrosion coupons and subsequently evaluated by the aggressiveness of water were chosen as examples for the study. The corrosion rate was monitored in drinking water during 35 and 82-day exposures. It was found that water in this part of the distribution system has the II. degree of the distribution system, i. e. medium. The evaluation of the corrosion rates also corresponds with the evaluation of the corrosion type using the Matlab. The impact of the corrosion plates on the general corrosion is slightly above 50 %. The occurrence of the pitting corrosion during such short disposure to a flowing drinking water in the pipeline is also significant.


corrosion; drinking water; water distribution system; pipe; small metal plate


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