The Influence of PZT Actuators Positioning in Active Structural Acoustic Control

P. Švec, V. Jandák


This paper deals with the effect of secondary actuator positioning in an active structural acoustics control (ASAC) experiment. The ASAC approach is based on minimizing the sound radiation from structures to the far field by controlling the structural vibrations. In this article a rectangular steel plate structure was assumed with one secondary actuator attached to it. As a secondary actuator, a specially designed piezoelectric stripe actuator was used. We studied the effect of the position of the actuator on the pattern and on the radiated sound field of the structural vibration, with and without active control. The total radiated power was also measured. The experimental data was confronted with the results obtained by a numerical solution of the mathematical model used. For the solution, the finite element method in the ANSYS software package was used. 


ASAC; Active radiation control; vibrations; sound radiation

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