Computer Controlled Switching Device for Deep Brain Stimulation

J. Tauchmanová


This paper has two goals. The practical part deals with the design of a computer controlled switching device for an external stimulator for deep brain stimulation. The switching device is used during investigations with functional magnetic resonance for controlling signals leading to the deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrode in the patient's brain. The motivation for designing this device was improve measured data quality and to enable new types of experiments.
The theoretical part reports on early attempts to approach the problem of modeling and localizing the neural response of the human brain as a system identification and estimation task. The parametric identification method and real fMRI data are used for modeling the hemodynamic response.
The project is in cooperation with 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Na Homolce hospital in Prague.


Deep brain stimulation; hemodynamic response; functional magnetic resonance; identification

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