Performance-based fire safety design of different types of constructions in Germany, Global structure behaviour of steel constructions

Jochen Zehfuss, Christoph Klinzmann, Karen paliga


The objective of this article is the illustration of the calculation of natural fires and fire resistance of structural members based on the Eurocodes of three types of special structures, in this case a railway bridge, a parking deck and an airplane hangar. The railway bridge has a width of nearly 70 meters and consists of steel beams and a massive concrete slab that are supported by massive columns and walls and for that reason can be compared to a tunnel. The parking deck was calculated on the basis the FE program ANSYS. The load-bearing capacity as well as the reactive internal forces in the case of fire were investigated. The load-bearing structure of the roof of the hangars is made of steel and is supported by steel columns. The choice of a fire scenario on the safe side is crucial for the design process of the unprotected steel structure.

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