The impact of car park fire on concrete structure, Parallel computation

Peter Weisenpacher, Jan Glasa, Ladislav Halada, Lukáš Valášek, Miroslav Dobrucký


This study examines the influence of automobile fire in a car park on concrete parts of the structure. In 2009, a series of full-scale fire experiments in open air was conducted, including the fire in automobile interior and its influence onto a vehicle in its vicinity. We performed a set of simulations of this scenario, using the NIST FDS system, version 5.5.3. Comparison with experimental data confirmed the simulation reliability. In this paper, we use material properties of car interior materials established by our research to simulate a car fire in a small part of car park containing two burning cars and its influence on concrete ceiling and a pillar in the vicinity of the cars. We use here the calculation with 48 and more MPI processes to evaluate the ability of high performance computing to solve problems of structural fire safety.

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