Modelling of the influence of creep strains on the fire response of steel elements

Neno Toric, A. Harapin, Ivan Boko, Bernardin Peroš, Maja Ban


The paper presents a numerical model for the behaviour of steel structures exposed to fire capable of taking into account the effect of steel creep at high temperatures by using a simple implicit model. The objective of the simple implicit model is to modify the material stationary stress-strain curves. After reaching temperatures above 400°C, stress-strain curves are modified by stretching the curves using a calculated value of creep strain at current stress, temperature and time. Described numerical procedure was tested by modelling the behaviour of two simply supported steel elements that were partially exposed to high temperatures in an in-house experiment. Authors are claiming that the implicit model is applicable for modelling the behaviour of steel elements with free thermal expansion or with a low level of restriction to thermal expansion.

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