Car fires with sprinklers: A study on the Eurocode for sprinklers

Mikko Partanen, Markku Heinisuo


The effect of sprinklers is taken into account in EN 1991-1-2 using reduction factors for the fire load. The applicability of the Eurocode method to car fires was studied by modelling the fires with Version 5.5.3 of the FDS program by NIST. The computer model is validated against tests completed in the UK in 2006-2009. Three medium-size car fires are modelled without and with the typical sprinklers used in car parks. The validation results showed that the developed car fire model works well with the actual reference fires, with and without sprinklers. The Eurocode reduction of fire load with sprinklers gives the same maximum temperatures as the simulation with sprinklers up to the first peak of the heat release rate (HRR). The Eurocode reduction does not take into account the fact that adjacent cars do not ignite, as is the case with the developed model and as observed in the tests. The Eurocode method is reliable up to the first peak, after that it is very conservative.

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