Role of Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Process of Documentation of Cultural Heritage

Jindřich Hodač, Michael Rykl


This paper is focused on presentation of results of long-term interdisciplinary cooperation in a process of documentation of Cultural Heritage. There are two sides joined in this cooperation. The first side is a ,,submitter” - in our case it means architect-historian (Mr. Rykl). The second side is a ,,contractor” - in our case it means surveyorphotogrammetrist (Mr. Hodač and his students). We are cooperating mostly on projects of metrical documentation of Culture Heritage buildings and sites. Our cooperation is realizing mainly in bachelor„s/master’s projects. Other opportunity for our collaboration is our course [1]. We are offering this course to students of two faculties/specializations (surveyors + architects). Beside the wide range of real results (2D drawings, 3D models, photomaps etc.) we also collected quite a lot of experience with process of collaboration itself. Cooperation and communication of submitter and contactor are playing key roles for successful project. It is possible to generally expect that submitter will give the ,,task” and contractor will try to find proper technology to solve it. The process of communication should be permanent because new circumstances and findings are arising all the time. It is very important for all together to find common language across specializations to understand each other. Surveyors are ,,slightly pressed” to get more knowledge about historical building constructions. Architects-historians should get basic awareness about various recent technologies for metrical documentation and its ,,pros and cons”.


metrical documentation, building-historical research, photogrammetry, cooperation, education


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