Testing Metadata Existence of Web Map Services

Jan Růžička


For a general user is quite common to use data sources available on WWW. Almost all GIS software allow to use data sources available via Web Map Service (ISO/OGC standard) interface. The opportunity to use different sources and combine them brings a lot of problems that were discussed many times on conferences or journal papers. One of the problem is based on non existence of metadata for published sources. The question was: were the discussions effective? The article is partly based on comparison of situation for metadata between years 2007 and 2010. Second part of the article is focused only on 2010 year situation. The paper is created in a context of research of intelligent map systems, that can be used for an automatic or a semi-automatic map creation or a map evaluation.


Web Map Service, Metadata, Intelligent Map Systems


Růžička J. Pomohou webové služby odstranit noční můru kartografů? In. Sborník z konference 16. kartografická konference (Mapa v informační společnosti). Brno. 2005. Univerzita Obrany. 10s. ISBN 80-7231-015-1. Dostupné na WWW: http://gisak.vsb.cz/wsco/publikace/Ruzicka 2005 Brno.pdf

Růžička J.; Kaszper, R. Opět o metadatech v geoinformatice. In. Sborník z konference 1. národní kongres v Česku Geoinformatika pro každého. Mikulov 29. – 31. května 2007. 8 s. Dostupné na WWW: http://gis.vsb.cz/ruzicka/pub/2007/RuzickaKaszperFormatovane.pdf


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