Open-source tool for automatic import of coded surveying data to multiple vector layers in GIS environment

Eva Stopková


This paper deals with a tool that enables import of the coded data in a single
text file to more than one vector layers (including attribute tables), together with
automatic drawing of line and polygon objects and with optional conversion to
CAD. Python script is available as an add-on for open-source software
GRASS GIS (GRASS Development Team). The paper describes a case study based
on surveying at the archaeological mission at Tell-el Retaba (Egypt). Advantages
of the tool (e.g. significant optimization of surveying work) and its limits (demands
on keeping conventions for the points’ names coding) are discussed here as well.
Possibilities of future development are suggested (e.g. generalization of points’
names coding or more complex attribute table creation).


Surveying, automatic data import, GIS


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