Development and testing of INSPIRE themes Addresses (AD) and Administrative Units (AU) managed by COSMC

Michal Med, Petr Souček


Main content of this article is to describe implementing INSPIRE themes Addresses and Administrative Units in Czech Republic. Themes were implemented by Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. Implementation contains developing GML files with data and designing its structure, developing and testing of INSPIRE services and preparing metadata for data and services. Besides harmonised INSPIRE themes COSMC manages also non-harmonised themes Cadastral map (KM) and Units eXtended (UX).


INSPIRE, Cadastre, Addresses, Cadastral Parcels, Administrative Units, Buildings, Metadata, RÚIAN, services, WMS, WFS, GML


Poláček, J. Souček, P.: Implementing INSPIRE for the Czech Cadastre of Real Estates, Geoinformatics FCE CTU 8, 2012, pp. 9–16. doi:10.14311/gi.8.1


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