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Vol 6 (2011) 3DMADMAC|AUTOMATED: synergistic hardware and software solution for automated 3D digitization of cultural heritage objects Abstract   PDF
Robert Sitnik, Maciej Karaszewski, Wojciech Załuski, Eryk Bunsch
Vol 6 (2011) 3DMADMAC|SPECTRAL: Hardware and Software Solution for Integrated Digitization of 3D Shape, Multispectral Color and BRDF for Cultural Heritage Documentation Abstract   PDF
Robert Sitnik, Grzegorz Mączkowski, Jakub Krzesłowski, Tomasz Gadziński
Vol 7 (2011) A GRASS GIS application for vertical sorting of sediments analysis in River Dynamics Abstract   PDF
Annalisa Minelli, Gary Parker, Paolo Tacconi, Corrado Cencetti
Vol 9 (2012) A Quick Method for the Texture Mapping of Meshes Acquired by Laser Scanner Abstract   PDF
Francesco Gabellone, Ivan Ferrari, Francesco Giuri
Vol 6 (2011) A Semiautomatic Large-Scale Detection of Simple Geometric Primitives for Detecting Structural Defects from Range-Based Information Abstract   PDF
R. Martínez, F. J. Delgado, A. Hurtado, J. Martínez, J. Finat
Vol 6 (2011) A Structured-Light Approach for the Reconstruction of Complex Objects Abstract   PDF
Ilias Kalisperakis, Lazaros Grammatikopoulos, Elli Petsa, George Karras
Vol 12 (2014) Absolute Baseline for Testing of Electronic Distance Meters Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Braun, Filip Dvořáček, Martin Štroner
Vol 14, No 1 (2015) Accuracy evaluation of pendulum gravity measurements of Robert von Sterneck Abstract   PDF
Alena Pešková, Jan Holešovský
Vol 16, No 1 (2017) Accuracy of Digital Surface Models derived from archival aerial photographs. Case study for the Czech Republic. Abstract   PDF
Jan Pacina, Jan Popelka
Vol 17, No 2 (2018) Accurate Measurement of the Riverbed Model for Deformation Analysis using Laser Scanning Technology Abstract   PDF
Martin Štroner, Rudolf Urban, Tomáš Křemen, Bronislav Koska
Vol 16, No 1 (2017) Adjustment and testing comparison of absolute gravimeters in November 2013 Abstract   PDF
Alena Pešková, Martin Štroner
Vol 6 (2011) Aerial Laser Scanning in Archeology Abstract   PDF
Martina Faltýnová, Karel Pavelka
Vol 17, No 1 (2018) An Alternative Choice in Heighting Abstract   PDF
Olusola Gabriel Omogunloye, M. O. Yaqub, Babatunde Moses Ojegbile, Joseph Olayemi Odumosu, O. G. Ajayi
Vol 14, No 1 (2015) An Investigation into the Possibilities of BIM and GIS Cooperation and Utilization of GIS in the BIM Process Abstract   PDF
Pavel Tobiáš
Vol 15, No 1 (2016) Analysis of the variations of measured values in continuous long-term geodetic monitoring Abstract   PDF
Jan Vaněček
Vol 9 (2012) Application of Computer Vision Methods and Algorithms in Documentation of Cultural Heritage Abstract   PDF
David Káňa, Vlastimil Hanzl
Vol 9 (2012) Application of e-learning in the TEMAP project Abstract   PDF
Markéta Potůčková, Tomáš Bayer
Vol 1 (2006) Applications of the Galileo System in Civil Engineering Abstract   PDF
Leoš Mervart
Vol 14, No 2 (2015) ATControl Software for Leica AT40x Laser Trackers Abstract   PDF
Filip Dvořáček
Vol 6 (2011) Automated 3D-Objectdocumentation on the Base of an Image Set Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Vetter, Gunnar Siedler
Vol 6 (2011) Automated Image-Based Procedures for Accurate Artifacts 3D Modeling and Orthoimage Generation Abstract   PDF
Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Livio De Luca, Fabio Remondino
Vol 14, No 2 (2015) Automated point clouds processing for deformation monitoring Abstract   PDF
Ján Erdélyi
Vol 13 (2014) Barcode based localization system in indoor environment Abstract   PDF
Ľubica Ilkovičová, Ján Erdélyi, Alojz Kopáčik
Vol 11 (2013) Bike Trail Difficulty Rating in the South Moravian Region Modelled Using Fuzzy Sets Abstract   PDF
Pavel Kolisko
Vol 15, No 2 (2016) BIM, GIS and semantic models of cultural heritage buildings Abstract   PDF
Pavel Tobiáš
Vol 3 (2008) Change Detection with GRASS GIS – Comparison of images taken by different sensors Abstract   PDF
Michael Fuchs, Rainer Hoffmann, Friedhelm Schwonke
Vol 6 (2011) Combining a Virtual Learning Tool and Onsite Study Visits of Four Conservation Sites in Europe Abstract   PDF
A. Chenaux, M. Murphy, G. Keenaghan, J. Jenkins, E. McGovern, S. Pavia
Vol 15, No 1 (2016) Comparing speed of Web Map Service with GeoServer on ESRI Shapefile and PostGIS Abstract   PDF
Jan Růžička
Vol 16, No 1 (2017) Comprehensive approach for building outline extraction from LiDAR data with accent to a sparse laser scanning point cloud Abstract   PDF
Petr Hofman, Markéta Potůčková
Vol 11 (2013) Conceptual approach of information rich 3D model about the Terezín Memorial Abstract   PDF
Pavel Hájek, Karel Jedlička, Martina Vichrová, Radek Fiala
Vol 6 (2011) Cultural Heritage Recording Utilising Low-Cost Closerange Photogrammetry Abstract   PDF
Melanie Kirchhöfer, Jim Chandler, Rene Wackrow
Vol 4 (2009) Custom OpenStreetMap Rendering – OpenTrackMap Experience Abstract   PDF
Radek Bartoň
Vol 7 (2011) Data Architecture for Sensor Network Abstract   PDF
Jan Ježek
Vol 10 (2013) Database for tropospheric product evaluations - implementation aspects Abstract   PDF
Jan Douša, Gabriel Győri
Vol 12 (2014) Deformation Measurements of Gabion Walls Using Image Based Modeling Abstract   PDF
Marek Fraštia, Marián Marčiš, Ondrej Trhan
Vol 12 (2014) Denoising of Laser Scanning Data Using Wavelet Abstract   PDF
Petr Jašek, Martin Štroner
Vol 3 (2008) Deriving Hydrological Response Units (HRUs) using a Web Processing Service implementation based on GRASS GIS Abstract   PDF
Christian Schwartze
Vol 16, No 1 (2017) Design of a survey net for metric survey documentation of a historical building Abstract   PDF
Zdeněk Poloprutský
Vol 7 (2011) Designing a New Raster Sub-System for GRASS-7 Abstract   PDF
Martin Hrubý
Vol 12 (2014) Determination of Pavement Elevations by the 3D Scanning System and Its Verification Abstract   PDF
Tomáš Křemen, Martin Štroner, Pavel Třasák
Vol 6 (2011) Determination of St. George Basilica Tower Historical Inclination from Contemporary Photograph Abstract   PDF
Bronislav Koska
Vol 7 (2011) Developing web map application based on user centered design Abstract   PDF
Petr Voldán
Vol 11 (2013) Development and testing of INSPIRE themes Addresses (AD) and Administrative Units (AU) managed by COSMC Abstract   PDF
Michal Med, Petr Souček
Vol 6 (2011) Development of a 3D Information System for the Old City Centre of Athens Abstract   PDF
Nikos Kaskampas, Kalli Spirou-Sioula, Charalabos Ioannidis
Vol 1 (2006) Development of Open Source Tools that support the CCOG Resolution Abstract   PDF
Jim Sutherland
Vol 6 (2011) Digital Terrain Model of the Second Military Survey – Part of the Military Training Area Brdy Abstract   PDF
Martina Vichrová, Václav Čada
Vol 15, No 1 (2016) Direct georeferencing with correction of map projection distortions for active imaging Abstract   PDF
Zdeněk Švec
Vol 15, No 2 (2016) Documentation of Urn Graves of Knovíz Culture by RPAS Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Šedina, Eliška Housarová, Eva Matoušková
Vol 4 (2009) Dynamic object-oriented geospatial modeling Abstract   PDF
Tomáš Richta, Martin Hrubý
Vol 13 (2014) Editorial: Metrology in surveying and mechanical engineering Abstract   PDF
Jiří Pospíšil
Vol 17, No 2 (2018) Efficient plotting the functions with discontinuities based on combined sampling Abstract   PDF
Tomáš Bayer
Vol 16, No 1 (2017) Estimation of the Cartographic Projection and~its Application in Geoinformatics-habilitation thesis presentation Abstract   PDF
Tomáš Bayer
Vol 14, No 1 (2015) Evaluation of gravity field model EIGEN-6C4 by means of various functions of gravity potential, and by GNSS/levelling Abstract   PDF
Jan Kostelecký, Jaroslav Klokočník, Blažej Bucha, Aleš Bezděk, Christoph Förste
Vol 1 (2006) Evropská směrnice INSPIRE Abstract   PDF
Pavla Tryhubová
Vol 1 (2006) Experience with a LiveCD in an education process Abstract   PDF
Jan Růžička, František Klímek
Vol 6 (2011) Experiences in Photogrammetric and Laser Scanner Surveing of Architectural Heritage Abstract   PDF
Mauro Caprioli, Maurizio Minchilli, Alfredo Scognamiglio
Vol 6 (2011) Exploitation of Countrywide Airborne Lidar Dataset for Documentation of Historical Human Activities in Countryside Abstract   PDF
Petr Dušánek
Vol 11 (2013) Extension of mathematical background for Nearest Neighbour Analysis in three-dimensional space Abstract   PDF
Eva Stopková
Vol 2 (2007) Freeware for GIS and Remote Sensing Abstract   PDF
Lena Halounová
Vol 6 (2011) From Deposit to Point Cloud – a Study of Low-Cost Computer Vision Approaches for the Straightforward Documentation of Archaeological Excavations Abstract   PDF
M. Doneus, G. Verhoeven, M. Fera, Ch. Briese, M. Kucera, W. Neubauer
Vol 8 (2012) From Discovery to Impact - Near Earth Asteroids Abstract   PDF
Miloš Tichý, Michaela Honková, Jana Tichá, Michal Kočer
Vol 13 (2014) Full texts in the Czech geographical bibliography database Abstract   PDF
Eva Novotná
Vol 4 (2009) Future of Open Source systems Abstract   PDF
Karel Charvát
Vol 2 (2007) GAL Framework Abstract   PDF
Radek Bartoň, Martin Hrubý
Vol 3 (2008) GAL Framework – Current State of the Project Abstract   PDF
Radek Bartoň, Martin Hrubý
Vol 9 (2012) Genetic Algorithm in the Computation of the Camera External Orientation Abstract   PDF
Rudolf Urban, Martin Štroner
Vol 12 (2014) Geodetic Measurement of Longitudinal Displacements of the Railway Bridge Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Braun, Martin Štroner
Vol 14, No 1 (2015) Geodetic surveying as part of archaeological research in Sudan Abstract   PDF
Jan Pacina
Vol 17, No 2 (2018) Geodetic work at the archaeological site Tell el-Retaba Abstract   PDF
Eva Stopková
Vol 17, No 2 (2018) GeoEasy an open source project for surveying calculations Abstract   PDF
Zoltan Siki
Vol 1 (2006) Geoinformatics Study at the CTU in Prague Abstract   PDF
Leoš Mervart, Aleš Čepek
Vol 11 (2013) Geometric documentation of underwater archaeological sites Abstract   PDF
Eleni Diamanti, Andreas Georgopoulos, Fotini Vlachaki
Vol 8 (2012) Geostatistical Methods in R Abstract   PDF
Adéla Volfová, Martin Šmejkal
Vol 6 (2011) Google Earth: Inspiration and Instrument for the Study of Ancient Civilizations Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Klokočník, Jan Kostelecký, Karel Pavelka
Vol 15, No 1 (2016) GPU-accelerated raster map reprojection Abstract   PDF
Petr Sloup
Vol 2 (2007) GUI development for GRASS GIS Abstract   PDF
Martin Landa
Vol 3 (2008) GUI pro orchestraci GeoWebových služeb Abstract   PDF
František Klímek
Vol 7 (2011) GvSIG in the academic education of heterogeneous target groups – experiences in lectures, exercises and eLearning Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Dorner, Jörg Scheffer, Roland Zink
Vol 1 (2006) Historické mapy v prostředí mapového serveru Abstract   PDF
Jiří Cajthaml
Vol 14, No 2 (2015) Horizontal comparator for the system calibration of digital levels – realization at the Faculty of civil engineering, CTU Prague and in the laboratory of the Department of survey and mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) in Kuala Lumpur. Abstract   PDF
Zdeněk Vyskočil, Zdeněk Lukeš
Vol 15, No 1 (2016) Hypotheses about geoglyphs at Nasca, Peru: new discoveries Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Klokočník, Jiří Sonnek, Karolína Hanzalová, Karel Pavelka
Vol 6 (2011) Image Based Modeling from Spherical Photogrammetry and Structure for Motion. The Case of the Treasury, Nabatean Architecture in Petra Abstract   PDF
E. d’Annibale
Vol 1 (2006) Implementation of a General Web Application Program Interface for Geoinformatics Abstract   PDF
Jan Pytel
Vol 7 (2011) Implementation of SQLite database support in program gama-local Abstract   PDF
Václav Petráš
Vol 8 (2012) Implementing INSPIRE for the Czech Abstract   PDF
Jiří Poláček, Petr Souček
Vol 17, No 1 (2018) Implication of Human Induced Activities on Ecotourism in Ikogosi Warm Spring Centre, Ekiti State, Southern western, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Olusola Olufayo Adetoro
Vol 6 (2011) Improving Completeness of Geometric Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Abstract   PDF
Clemens Nothegger
Vol 6 (2011) Information Management Systems for Cultural Heritage and Conservation of World Heritage Sites. The Silk Roads Case Study Abstract   PDF
Ona Vileikis, Mario Santana Quintero, Koen Van Balen, Barbara Dumont, Vincent Tigny
Vol 7 (2011) Integrating DROOLS and R software for intelligent map system Abstract   PDF
Jan Růžička
Vol 6 (2011) Integration of Hybrid Outdoor and Indoor Surveying. A Case Study in Spanish Renaissance Style Towers Abstract   PDF
J. I. Sánchez, J. I. San José, J. J. Fernández, J. Martínez, J. Finat
Vol 1 (2006) Interoperabilita v GIS podle specifikací OGC Abstract   PDF
Radek Sklenička
Vol 8 (2012) Introducing the new GRASS module g.infer for data-driven rule-based applications Abstract   PDF
Peter Löwe
Vol 3 (2008) ISO 19115 for GeoWeb services orchestration Abstract   PDF
Jan Růžička
Vol 1 (2006) Issues of GIS data management Abstract   PDF
Tomáš Richta
Vol 1 (2006) Java v Open Source GIS - Geotools, Geoserver, uDig Abstract   PDF
Jan Ježek
Vol 7 (2011) Klet Observatory – European Contribution to Detecting and Tracking of Near Earth Objects Abstract   PDF
Miloš Tichý
Vol 17, No 1 (2018) Land Surface Temperature Mapping using Geoinformation Techniques Abstract   PDF
Chukwuka Friday Agbor, Esther Oluwafunmilayo Makinde
Vol 14, No 2 (2015) Large geospatial images discovery: metadata model and technological framework Abstract   PDF
Lukáš Brůha
Vol 6 (2011) Learning from the Building: Direct Sources for the Preservation Project. The Experience of Besozzo's Town Hall (Varese, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Susanna Bortolotto, Elisabetta Ciocchini, Andrea Frigo, Andrea Garzulino, Raffaella Simonelli, Fabio Zangheri
Vol 5 (2010) Localization of selected FOSS4G desktop packages – state and some remarks Abstract   PDF
Milena Nowotarska, Robert Szczepanek, Piotr Pachół
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