Implementation of Harmonised European Transition Altitude (HETA)

Jiří Frei


Since 2010 there has been a noticeable effort to implement harmonized European transition altitude (HETA). This effort resulted in establishing of several working groups. As outputs were proposed three options but no mandatory implementation rules for European countries (resp. air navigation services providers). Nowadays each country evaluates impacts of implementation of one of three proposed solutions and some countries even implement kind of harmonized transition altitude in cooperation with neighboring countries (Slovakia, Hungary and Austria). This article briefly describes the general problem in section I and II. Impacts of all three proposed options by working group on involved subjects such as crew, controllers, but also environment or safety are evaluated. The end of the article describes in details the way of implementation in Slovakia and some case studies related to altimeter setting rules in the area of common interest at the interface between FIR Prague, Bratislava and Vienna.


transition altitude; transition level; transition layer; HETA – Harmonised European Transition Altitude; aerodrome QNH; regional QNH


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