Unmanned Aircraft as a Subject of Safety and Security

Michaela Mlezivová


Currently increasing UAV operation significantly changes the view of conventional aviation. Unmanned aerial vehicles have become part of air traffic and therefore, its operation should be adequately controlled through related legislative framework and law enforcement procedures. Considering the fact, that single unmanned aircrafts will be soon replaced by swarms, it is necessary to get prepared for all possible UAs applications and define all rules including also emergency and law enforcement procedures in case that public safety is endangered.

This paper summarizes recent regulatory framework for UAVs in EU and US and points out a concealed weakness of legislative requirements. The legislative scope addressed in this paper is limited primarily to civil aviation. The second part stresses the security threat created by an uncontrolled or violently-controlled UA. Aerial vehicles detection and disposal methods are described in the last part of paper.


Unmanned Aircraft, UAV, Safety, Security, Legislation, Anti-drone


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