Line Evolution of the Nova V5587 Sgr from Early to Nebula Phase

T. Kajikawa, A. Arai, M. Nagashima, H. Kawakita, M. Yamanaka, K. Kawabata, S. Kiyota


The spectral evolution of the nova V5587 Sgr has been monitored at Koyama Astronomical Observatory and Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory, Japan, from the early to nebula phase. The nova rebrightened several times. The spectra during the early phase showed emission lines of H α, H β, O I, He I, He II, N II, Fe II. Nova V5587 Sgr is classified into the Fe II type. The helium abundance of the nova is estimated as N(He)/N(H) = 0.134 ± 0.09. The light curve, the spectral evolution, and the helium abundance in V5587 Sgr are similar to those of the nova PW Vul.


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